Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Topshelf Event...

This Seaweed shelf was created for an event at the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor. "Topshelf", is a fundraising event featuring many Artistic interpretations of a pine shelf that the committee gave to each of us to "paint" as we see fit. I thought seaweed and shells would be appropriate for Maine, we have over 4000 miles of coastline and a whole lot of seaweed. I mounted Rice paper on the Pine surface and then used Acrylic paint for the Seaweed and background. It was fun to attach the gastropods on the edge of the shelf and give them a light coat paint creating a golden glow. Mmmm. I was tempted to keep this little beauty. If you would like to check out the Auction and see all of the other Artist's work, log onto the Maine Discovery Museum. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Avian Box of Curiosities

As an Artist I like to use many mediums. Recently I gathered up a stack of antique and vintage wooden boxes, some embellishments a few scientific items, eggs and nests.
I am a longtime fan of Joseph Cornell who was an amazing Assemblage Artist in his time. He typically incorporated whimsey, science and natural materials to create his very cool masterpieces.
So with Joseph Cornell and a world of birds as my muse, I created this Avian Box of Curiosities. Some of the materials are natural, others are man-made. It is always fun thinking of how to fit various boxes into a cohesive whole and then the challenging but fun process of what to do with the negative space.

Most of the materials used for the box are antique and vintage. I attached all of the boxes and small drawers together and added a scroll and some trim pieces. Painting them all white unified the pieces making it seem like it was always a whole unit. Painting the box white was a nod to assemblage artist Louise Nevelson, a famous NYC Assemblage Artist who grew up in Maine.
It is always a joy to display eggs & nests in a creative manner.
The egg being held by an antique draftsman's caliper is one of my favorite moments in this piece.
I find a pattern emerging in my assemblage pieces, a large magnifying glass. This seems to be a signature that I regularly incorporate into my assemblage pieces.
I like the interactive quality that a magnifier brings to a small object and it allows the viewer to participate in the piece.
Look closely, notice a large Shell with a nest, 2 Eggs as drop finials at the top of the piece or the Araucana Egg used as a vase for a feather.

Fun, Scientific and somewhat entertaining, a Curious Birdie World!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drawn From Nature Art Show...

I have been working very hard to create pieces for this very special show.  You will see some new kdb Encaustic paintings Assemblage, and Acrylic paintings.
The other artists in the show are Nancy Keenan Barron a painter and Allen Ponziani a sculptor. Chocolate Church Center for the Arts, Art Gallery is hosting this show. This show will be featured through October 30th.
The big opening is Friday, September 16th, 5-7pm.
I would welcome a visit, stop by if you have a moment.
If you miss the opening, the gallery hours

can be found at the Chocolate Church website.
If you would like to keep current on all of the shows and openings for kdb-art you can "like" on Facebook.

See you Friday.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Encaustic Shore Birds...

I am currently working on a series of Encaustic Shore Birds. Caspian Terns, Great Blue Herons and a few Pelicans, adolescent and mature.
These birds can be found in nature at their rookeries on the gulf coast. To be precise the North Eastern corner of the Everglades. These shore birds breed on the outer islands. Some are nesting on the Mangrove Islands, others can be found on the around the lagoons on the outer islands that are formed from shells and coral.
They are best viewed quietly from a small skiff. Using a telephoto lens is the trick. The experience is amazing. As a society we need to make sure these birds and habitats are still around for many generations to come after us.
The first in the series is the Herons. To learn more about the sea around us you may want to check out my two favorite and highly informative books.The Edge of the Sea and The Sea Around Us, both by the naturalist, Rachel Carson. Also  Oceana, by Ted Danson
If you are a curious sort of person you will not be disappointed and I think we can never know too much!
This series will be hanging at the Group Show,  "Drawn From Nature" at The Chocolate Church Arts and Performing Center in Bath Maine. September 16th-late October.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Under The Sea and on The Shore...

The newest Kelp in the ongoing series. The Bullwhip Kelp is Acrylic on Canvas with Rice Paper. I also finished an Encaustic and Oil Pastel of a Great Blue Heron.
All are on display, Friday August 12th at The Brunswick Inn, 165 Park Row, Brunswick, Maine. 
See you there.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

KDB ART Books...

So for all of you who are fans of kdb-art, I have several books available online. You can click this link,  KDB-ART Books and order the book of Art or Photography that interests you.
I have several books of Encaustic Painting mixed with a bit of paint on canvas.

The first is "The Natural World of KDB ART"
this small gem is filled with work created in the late winter through late spring of 2011. You will find, Birds, Bugs, Ferns, Nests, Shells & a few winter Birch with Crows and Cardinals.
Next, "Under The Sea" is a collection of mostly Encaustic pieces inspired by the sea, Hamachi & Blue Fin Tuna, Octopus, Clam Shells, Mussel Shells, Lobsters and Kelp floating in the ocean currents.

The following two books are both Photography.
"Birds of Marco Island and the Gulf of Mexico" is filled with images of these graceful creatures who grace the coastline. They inhabit the many Barrier and Mangrove Islands of this ecologically delicate region of the world.

"Summer Nature. . . .  M a i n e" is chocked full of images that reflect my deep love for warm months and all things living or displayed mostly in our garden, in Topsham Maine.
Take a look, you will not be disappointed. To order click the link, KDB-ART Books.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

kdb-ART Walk...

I have been very busy creating 4 separate collections of Encaustic Paintings, for 4 different venues. You can take the kdb Artwalk, in mid-coast Maine. It would be fun to start at The Brunswick Inn
165 Park Row, Brunswick, Maine.

In the main Entry you will find a small collection of 6x6 etched Encaustic panels on cradled birchboard. This small collection features, Lobsters, a Toad, Ferns and a Beetle. Take a moment to stroll through the lovely gardens on your way to the Carriage House where you will find a major hanging, " Maine Nature 2011" mostly Encaustic with a few Paintings. This collection features Nests, some Abstract water and a few Goldfish.
You can then stroll down to
Little Tokyo Sushi Restaurant
72 Maine St. , Brunswick, Maine

"Under The Sea" is the name of this collection. This is mostly Encaustic on board, featuring Hamachi and Blue Fin Tuna, Octopus, Clam Shells, Mussel Shells and a few Encaustic, engraved style, Lobsters. I also have some oversized canvases of Kelp floating, Sea Grass and Kelp at the Bottom of the Sea. The inspiration was the Little Tokyo menu.
After a lovely lunch you can walk up to the top of the block and pop into the delightful Home and Garden Store,
Blessings 11 Mason St., Brunswick, Maine.

This cool shop caries Antique, Vintage and New Furnishings for your Home, Cottage and Garden. The collection of kdb Art includes, Crows, Nests, Eggs and Birds. Mostly Encaustic with a few paintings.
Now you will need to hop into your car for a quick jaunt north to Bath, only about 15 minutes.
Ornament Home and Garden, 11 Centre St., Bath, Maine.

This store is packed to full with everything for your summer Cottage, Porch and Garden. Items are picked from all over new England. Mixing up Vintage, Antique and New. The Ornament collection of kdb Art is Encaustic Shells. Clams and Mussels.
All of these locations have postcards with directions for this little Artwalk.
So take an afternooon and have a cool little Maine adventure and pick up some original kdb Art.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Encaustic, Under the Sea...

On Friday June 17th the newest Painting series, "Under The Sea" will open. This show consists of mostly Encaustic paintings. I will be featuring Lobster, Hamachi, Blue Fin Tuna, Octopus, Clam & Mussel Shells and a few large canvases with Kelp in motion.
This 20 piece show will be at Little Tokyo Restaurant, 72 Maine St., Brunswick Maine.
It was fun studying the Sushi menu then researching the various options for the subjects of each piece.
This show will hang through the end of Summer. Stop in, have some of the best Sushi in Maine and leave with an Encaustic Painting from the "Under the Sea" collection

Friday, June 10, 2011

Encaustic Etchings...

Encaustic is a medium that lends itself to all types of applications.
In this new series of small pieces, 6"x6", the backgrounds are a marblelike mixture of color which is then carved, cut and etched. I use tools that are typically found in a ceramic studio. I also use sharp metal tools to score and etch deeply into the wax.
Once the piece is carved I then rub Oil Pastel into the grooves. The effect looks etched.
This series is called "Grab N Go". It is hanging at The Brunswick Inn. If you are interested in seeing these pieces pop by the Brunswick Inn at 165 Park Row in Brunswick. Eileen the Innkeeper will be happy to help!
I also have a large show of my work at The Carriage House, also at the Brunswick Inn. This show has large and medium pieces. Encaustic and Acrylic on Canvas. Most of this work is large and medium scale. This collection features Nests, Eggs and a few Goldfish.

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Series features 6x6 Encaustic...

Creating art and being inspired is a daily activity for me. I have been in my studio painting like a mad woman for months, it seems. I fire up the Encaustic palette and work away for several hours at a time. The smell of sweet beeswax permeates the air.
I have been working on a series of small pieces, 6x6, this series will be available at The Brunswick Inn, Blessings and Ornament Home and Garden Store. The idea is this art is small enough to stick into a suitcase and take home and pop onto a bookshelf or you can buy several to create a statement. This series is Encaustic (Beeswax+Damar Resin) which is carved with various sharp carving tools and then the markings are rubbed with a dark colored oil pastel to give it an engraved look.
The style of these pieces is old school. Featuring a Botanical Style, mostly Birds, Nests, Plants and Shells. I have a variety of colors for this series and they all work well with each other.

A little glimpse into my Studio World…
During work days I create without stopping, except for lunch and walks in the neighborhood or a nice jaunt down to the sea, 28 quick minutes. My favorite spot for local inspiration is on a small thin reach at the end of the Harpswells, a series of Islands reaching into the Casco Bay. Periwinkles, Mussels & Clam shells are everywhere. Sea glass and heart rocks also make an appearance. It is a fantastic spot at low tide. This time of year it is me, a few Eider Ducks, some Mergansers Seals, Loons and once in a while a Gull screeches and laughs, breaking the quiet, loud silence of the crashing surf. The air is still cold but the beauty is spectacular. This is why I live in Maine. 22 minutes from my door to what I think is paradise. Although it would not hurt to be just a bit warmer!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Encaustic Bird & Birch Paintings...

I have been studying Birch trees lately. How they look on a snowy day and the various colors and textures in the bark.
Encaustic painting lends itself to the extreme texture and layers that make up the trunk and branches of a Birch Tree.
I first worked on the forest with the Cardinal. My next piece to tackle was the Pileated Woodpecker on a Birch trunk. Both pieces are Encaustic and are 12"x24" on cradled Birchboard.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

KDB Art Night Thursday March 24th 6-8pm...

The 3 month show at The Salt Exchange,

245Commercial St., Portland, Me. is winding down. If you have not stopped in to see the 29 pieces of Art hanging on the walls of this beautiful restaurant, now is the time. We will take down this show April 2nd. It has been a delight to show my work in this lovely space. Charlie and Martha have worked very hard to create an incredible venue with amazing food, and the bartenders, well, they sure know how to make a perfect Martini. If you can, stop in on Thursday night from 6-8,I will be looking forward to seeing you. Oh, did I mention, they have a parking lot at the end of the building, just look for the sign.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crows, Fish, Nests and a Few Seashells...

I have been working hard up in the studio. I will be part of a show at The Bayview Gallery in Brunswick, Maine.The show opens on Friday Night March 18th 5-7.
It will be fun. A few of my encaustic Clam & Mussel shells in a bigger size,16x16 will be featured as well as a few Crow pieces, several Nests, and the gallery requested some goldfish and they will be swimming around on a few canvases.

This is a colorful and interesting show of local Artist's. I am excited to be a part of it. This show will hang for about a month. Stop in at anytime. They are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-5.The Bayview Gallery, 58 Maine St, Brunswick Maine.