Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sara Cox is Delilah Pottery...

Every Monday I attend a gathering of Artists. We call ourselves "The Art Hooligan's". We share the work we have been creating, catch up on the upcoming call for Artist's opportunities and work very hard at helping to promote each others work and art in general. We have a wonderful hour or so and then are cast back into our own little worlds. I am very lucky to have such a great group of kindred spirits to share the collective passion of Art and the big imaginations that go with the business of Art!
Today I am featuring one of the "Art Hooligan's" members, Sara Cox. She is a talented Pottery Artist.

Sara is the creative force behind her company, Delilah Pottery. Her Pottery Studio is tucked into the woods on a little back road in Bowdoinham, Maine. When you turn onto the lane that leads to her studio, know that you are about to be enchanted. The long drive passes through a forest filled with dappled sunlight, ancient Apple Trees and of course the huge Pine trees that Maine is famous for. Sara loves this land and walks it most every day. She takes her inspiration from nature and is in a constant state of being amazed and delighted with her finds and musings from her daily adventures in her very own slice of heaven. The Studio is surrounded by Sara’s lovingly maintained gardens. Filled to full with flowers, herbs and bulbs, this garden brings joy to all who are lucky enough to spend time at Delilah Pottery and with Sara. Pinecones, flowers, bark, mushrooms, acorns and a multitude of flowers can be found on her studio table next to her drawing pad, waiting to be turned into a drawing for one of her pieces of pottery.
Sara has a love of the natural world and is in tune with the magic of each season.
The pottery that flows from Delilah Pottery is filled with color choices that are bright, cheery and bold making her style distinctively her own. Always re-interpreting organic forms and shapes in her own whimsical way makes her work original and highly collectible.
Sara mentioned that she was inspired by the work of the Arts & Crafts movement mentor William Morris. His work, mostly textiles and wallpaper were stylized organic forms, drawn from nature. His work is as fresh today as it was in 1860. Sara’s unique etched series of vases and bowls is most like Mr. Morris’ work. They seemed to be carved from wood and are highly graphic with perfect repeats and balance Her painted work is equally as beautiful but filled with whimsy, color and an energy that can only be called joyful. Sara Cox lives and “Artful Life” filled creativity, other Artist’s and her own big imagination. She is doing what she was meant to do, sharing her art and taking wonderful walks in the woods. You can view her work at www.delilahpottery.com Check it out you will be delighted.
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