Thursday, June 16, 2011

Encaustic, Under the Sea...

On Friday June 17th the newest Painting series, "Under The Sea" will open. This show consists of mostly Encaustic paintings. I will be featuring Lobster, Hamachi, Blue Fin Tuna, Octopus, Clam & Mussel Shells and a few large canvases with Kelp in motion.
This 20 piece show will be at Little Tokyo Restaurant, 72 Maine St., Brunswick Maine.
It was fun studying the Sushi menu then researching the various options for the subjects of each piece.
This show will hang through the end of Summer. Stop in, have some of the best Sushi in Maine and leave with an Encaustic Painting from the "Under the Sea" collection

Friday, June 10, 2011

Encaustic Etchings...

Encaustic is a medium that lends itself to all types of applications.
In this new series of small pieces, 6"x6", the backgrounds are a marblelike mixture of color which is then carved, cut and etched. I use tools that are typically found in a ceramic studio. I also use sharp metal tools to score and etch deeply into the wax.
Once the piece is carved I then rub Oil Pastel into the grooves. The effect looks etched.
This series is called "Grab N Go". It is hanging at The Brunswick Inn. If you are interested in seeing these pieces pop by the Brunswick Inn at 165 Park Row in Brunswick. Eileen the Innkeeper will be happy to help!
I also have a large show of my work at The Carriage House, also at the Brunswick Inn. This show has large and medium pieces. Encaustic and Acrylic on Canvas. Most of this work is large and medium scale. This collection features Nests, Eggs and a few Goldfish.