Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nest on a String...

Nest's have always peaked my curiosity. For as long as I can remember I have photographed, collected and incorporated nest's into my work. I sketched and did the pre-work on my latest piece last Autumn. I have been studying various eggs and the nest's in which they reside. This painting has a starry night and a quiet, dreamy and ethereal clutch of eggs.

This painting is a bit abstract in the nest and has elements of paper adhered and painted on the canvas. It was a joy to create this mini (8x8) jewel of a piece.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Art in Dribs and Drabs...

Life seems to be moving at a brisk clip.
Even so, I managed to create 2 pieces this past week.
I have been contemplating both for a while.
The new JOCO Box is Eggs, Balance and a Heart rock.
I particularly like the escaped egg on the top with a
small level set on top of the escaped egg. It is funny and unexpected.
Life is like an egg, we need to be careful to keep it on an even and level keel so all that is inside of us can come fully to life.
It is not always easy and can seem a bit precarious but it is worth all of the adjustments to work on the balance and the fragile nature of life itself.

My Painting "A Pelican & A Lobster are two unexpected partners on a canvas. I giggle to think that in real life a Pelican (who lives in the warmer regions & a Lobster who lives in the coldest region) can share a canvas. This is mixed media with Paper, Paint and Image Transfer.