Monday, August 24, 2009

Sara Cox and Delilah Pottery...

My friend Sara Cox is an inspired ceramic Artist, her company is Delilah Pottery. Sara is inspired by nature and the work of William Morris. (Morris was an influential designer who was part of the 1860's Pre-Raphaelite movement and is the creator and founder of the "Art's & Crafts" style, that we still love today.

Sara's work reflects her deep love and passion for nature

and the natural world. Her studio is nestled in her large overflowing and flowering garden. The garden is filled with butterflies, and many different types of birds. Her studio is organized, and filled to full with her beautiful work. She has created a "Woodcut" style in designing her beautiful Vessels, Bowls, Plates and Vases. Whether it is porcelain or terracotta pottery the effect is dynamic and absolutely hers. She throws her pots and vessels and then painstakingly etches onto the somewhat wet clay her nature inspired designs. Using a simple color palette suits her designs and creates a strong graphic look. She is a talented and charming person who shows her work around the state of Maine and is blissfully happy in the environment she has created to live and work on her "ART". Sara Cox can be reached through this site, send me an email today. I love, love her work, loverly!


Ice Skating on a Goldfish..

This was a fun piece from start to finish. For a few months prior to painting and assembling this piece I was able to roll the image around in my head. Ummm delightful and always made me smile! I finished this piece a few months ago.

The components of old money, advertising, paper and paint along with some image transfer make up this small 8x8 piece. The fish swimming on the top are temporary and at this time are purely for my own amusement.