Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something is "Fishy" in My Studio...

I have officially started my next series of paintings, I am calling it "FishLines". It is an underwater series of Fish and their environment. I love the texture of the different papers and paint on the canvas. The light in this first painting " Trout Fishing in America" is liquid and somewhat murky, streams tend to be that way.
I am now working on a bright calypso/tropical piece. It is 4 canvases equaling 8 ft of underwater magic. This sea scene will be bright, cheerful and energetic.
Excited is a good way to describe how I feel about this new series of paintings.Exploring light, color and how it interacts with water is a good way to spend the day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Arty House and Assembled Art...

Sheila Carpenter is inspired and delighted by many things. She draws her inspiration mostly from old/antique objects and incorporates them in many clever ways. Currently she is working on a series of dress forms, using different materials to explore texture and movement. She is always adding new techniques for her different assemblages and is a fan of attending artist's workshops. She was recently inspired by a Michael De Meng workshop, he is an assemblage artist with a flair for making magnificent altered creations that are shrine-like but look rusty and careworn. Sheila has applied this technique to her work in a fresh and different way.

I have so much fun photographing at her house/studio. Her work is very personal and she often uses photos of her family, some from many generations ago for the base of her creative endeavors.

She has an interesting home, filled with magic and artistic moments.
Sheila's home sings with light

at the beginning or the end of the day, that is when the natural light reaches deep into the rooms. This is when I like to pop by and take a few shots of whatever she has been up to, artistically.

Sometimes I can find a cool still-life on a book shelf, sideboard or an antique cabinet.

Her bookshelves are an interesting mix of curiosities, and lovely objects, as well as thought provoking reading material and of course her art is scattered throughout.

In her real life she has a big job, and I am never sure where she finds the time to be so prolific in her creative and artistic works.

She is one cool cat. Oh that sister of mine!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

KDB Featured at Gallery...

Since June of this year I have been painting and creating a fanciful series I call "Birdstacks, Eggs and and Elephant". I have created 11 pieces to date. They are pieces of Art that until recently have graced my walls and entertained me and my special friends who happened to drop by my Home/Studio.

This past week I was accepted into the Green Rice Gallery and six pieces are hung and Gulp for sale! I did not intend to let go of my private world but maybe it will be a good thing. The Green Rice Gallery of Charlotte, N.C. is in the NODA Art District.

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The music/soundtrack is Lynn Wedekind's "On the Wing"

The Baroness of ART Revisited...

Nancy Barron is an artist who works in many mediums. Whether she is painting a still life devoted to nature or the human figure she does it with energy and panache. Nancy is the Assistant Director for the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, Maine. She revels in the daily challenges of working with other Artist's and people who buy the Art. She has a sunny can do personality and enough energy at the end of the day to come home and nurture her school age twins, teenage daughter and darling husband. She makes her home on the shores of the Kennebec River. Nancy is an Artist who embraces the seasons and interjects her art with the colors of the natural world that surround her home. This time of year her Hydrangeas are in full regalia I wonder when she will start creating her Autumn series. Hmmmm.
Nancy can be seen in person at the Harlow Gallery most any day and her work can be viewed in three different adjacent towns.Keep up the inspired work Nancy.You can drop her an email for more info,
or to

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