Wednesday, October 1, 2008

KDB Featured at Gallery...

Since June of this year I have been painting and creating a fanciful series I call "Birdstacks, Eggs and and Elephant". I have created 11 pieces to date. They are pieces of Art that until recently have graced my walls and entertained me and my special friends who happened to drop by my Home/Studio.

This past week I was accepted into the Green Rice Gallery and six pieces are hung and Gulp for sale! I did not intend to let go of my private world but maybe it will be a good thing. The Green Rice Gallery of Charlotte, N.C. is in the NODA Art District.

Click on Arrow to View Slide-Show.
The music/soundtrack is Lynn Wedekind's "On the Wing"

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Lynn said...

These are amazing! I am so happy for you, Karen!