Monday, August 15, 2011

Encaustic Shore Birds...

I am currently working on a series of Encaustic Shore Birds. Caspian Terns, Great Blue Herons and a few Pelicans, adolescent and mature.
These birds can be found in nature at their rookeries on the gulf coast. To be precise the North Eastern corner of the Everglades. These shore birds breed on the outer islands. Some are nesting on the Mangrove Islands, others can be found on the around the lagoons on the outer islands that are formed from shells and coral.
They are best viewed quietly from a small skiff. Using a telephoto lens is the trick. The experience is amazing. As a society we need to make sure these birds and habitats are still around for many generations to come after us.
The first in the series is the Herons. To learn more about the sea around us you may want to check out my two favorite and highly informative books.The Edge of the Sea and The Sea Around Us, both by the naturalist, Rachel Carson. Also  Oceana, by Ted Danson
If you are a curious sort of person you will not be disappointed and I think we can never know too much!
This series will be hanging at the Group Show,  "Drawn From Nature" at The Chocolate Church Arts and Performing Center in Bath Maine. September 16th-late October.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting! I have some pictures of this bird from close-up. He was modeling for us and my husband took at least 30 or more. We live in Pensacola, Florida and we couldn't believe how close we got to him, just longer than arms length. He must have been one that has socialized somewhat because he was not afraid of us at all. I have some little paintings of him and more to come!