Sunday, October 23, 2011

Avian Box of Curiosities

As an Artist I like to use many mediums. Recently I gathered up a stack of antique and vintage wooden boxes, some embellishments a few scientific items, eggs and nests.
I am a longtime fan of Joseph Cornell who was an amazing Assemblage Artist in his time. He typically incorporated whimsey, science and natural materials to create his very cool masterpieces.
So with Joseph Cornell and a world of birds as my muse, I created this Avian Box of Curiosities. Some of the materials are natural, others are man-made. It is always fun thinking of how to fit various boxes into a cohesive whole and then the challenging but fun process of what to do with the negative space.

Most of the materials used for the box are antique and vintage. I attached all of the boxes and small drawers together and added a scroll and some trim pieces. Painting them all white unified the pieces making it seem like it was always a whole unit. Painting the box white was a nod to assemblage artist Louise Nevelson, a famous NYC Assemblage Artist who grew up in Maine.
It is always a joy to display eggs & nests in a creative manner.
The egg being held by an antique draftsman's caliper is one of my favorite moments in this piece.
I find a pattern emerging in my assemblage pieces, a large magnifying glass. This seems to be a signature that I regularly incorporate into my assemblage pieces.
I like the interactive quality that a magnifier brings to a small object and it allows the viewer to participate in the piece.
Look closely, notice a large Shell with a nest, 2 Eggs as drop finials at the top of the piece or the Araucana Egg used as a vase for a feather.

Fun, Scientific and somewhat entertaining, a Curious Birdie World!

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Lynda Howells said...

I love Joseph Cornell ..your work is wonderful. He would have been proud of you mirroring his work. xlynda