Saturday, July 23, 2011

KDB ART Books...

So for all of you who are fans of kdb-art, I have several books available online. You can click this link,  KDB-ART Books and order the book of Art or Photography that interests you.
I have several books of Encaustic Painting mixed with a bit of paint on canvas.

The first is "The Natural World of KDB ART"
this small gem is filled with work created in the late winter through late spring of 2011. You will find, Birds, Bugs, Ferns, Nests, Shells & a few winter Birch with Crows and Cardinals.
Next, "Under The Sea" is a collection of mostly Encaustic pieces inspired by the sea, Hamachi & Blue Fin Tuna, Octopus, Clam Shells, Mussel Shells, Lobsters and Kelp floating in the ocean currents.

The following two books are both Photography.
"Birds of Marco Island and the Gulf of Mexico" is filled with images of these graceful creatures who grace the coastline. They inhabit the many Barrier and Mangrove Islands of this ecologically delicate region of the world.

"Summer Nature. . . .  M a i n e" is chocked full of images that reflect my deep love for warm months and all things living or displayed mostly in our garden, in Topsham Maine.
Take a look, you will not be disappointed. To order click the link, KDB-ART Books.

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