Friday, September 21, 2012

Encaustic Crows, a Heron and a Tern...

This has been a magical summer, but I say that every year! I am a fan of Black Birds and Birds in general. Maine has many Blackbirds. Grackles, Crows, Ravens, Redwing Blackbirds and the ever present Comorants along the rocky shore. Birds are fun to study. Sometimes I watch as they are building a nest or tearing something apart for their lunch. But I do love it all. I am posting some Encaustic Paintings I have done this summer. Some have Oil Pigments and others incorporate Graphite, but all are painted with great love and respect for my feathered friends mostly from studying in Estuaries, fields and meadows. I am also including some of my encaustic shorebirds in this collection. I am addicted to long walks along the coast. If you would like to see some of these beauties they are in

Exhibits at The Chocolate Church at 804 Washington St. Bath, Maine and at Tao Restaurant 22 Pleasant St & Blessings Home Store 11 Mason both in Brunswick, Maine.

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