Saturday, April 10, 2010

Encaustic "Abtract Eggs", 2 of 12...

Today I spent the day in my new Encaustic studio, here in Topsham, Maine.
I have been studying birds, eggs and nests ever since I can remember. They are very interesting. So many shapes, colors sizes, habits and habitats. Oh I love that birdie world! The colors of the eggs happen to be my favorite color palette, mostly muted greens, buffs and blues with many flecks and fields of browns, ecru, white and creme. In studying eggs under a magnifying glass the spots became abstract, the edges defined, becoming a series of edges and shapes.

This piece is what I envisioned. Today I finished 2 of the 12 panels, now it is off to the art store for 10 more substrates!
"Abstract Eggs" is 12 separate 12"x12" paintings. They will be connected to form 1 large piece.
BeesWax+Damar Resin = Encaustic Medium, add the color pigments and then the magic happens. This is an interesting medium to work with, using a heat gun and hot beeswax creates an artistic environment that is filled with experiments and happy accidents. The challenge of Encaustic is the more you learn, the more you just don't know. Love It.

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What is that lovely looking book opened in the photo? Did you illustrate it?