Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Branchy Nest...

Branchy Nest was inspired by the color palette I was using when I was working on my Assemblage piece "One Morning in Maine Laboratory".

This very large Nest Painting was painted loosely and more abstract. I have been studying Field guides to Nests mostly because it is very interesting.

I was struck by the amount of energy that truly goes into building a nest and how large some birdies make their nests. Cool fact: Crows nests have an outside diameter of 22-25" and an interior measurement of 10 or so inches. WOW! It is winter in Maine and there is plenty of time to study things of this nature! I like the peaceful, quiet, all is right with the world feeling it seems to evoke. This canvas is 6'x2', it was painted with Golden Acrylics and Glazes.

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