Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To The Moon, an Empty Nest...

Finally, I have finished what turned out to be quite an ambitious piece of art. I have been working on this piece since August. This painting incorporates Assemblage, Layers of Paper, Antique Maps and opaque Layers of Paint. The piece measures 31 x 18 and is 3 inches deep.
The inspiration for this painting was the idea of an empty nest with clear

possibilities (egg= new life). The eggs are placed in a box all in a row, in an almost, but not quite, perfect line, a nod to Wabi Sabi, the line is just a bit askew. The large egg on top is merely a touch of whimsy.
The layers of paint for the nest itself were painted onto the canvas one color and one layer at a time. The effect is like that of a nest built one string and one twig at a time.
Then came the splatting of the paint,(fun and nerve-racking) using layers of the colors used in the nest and a bright pop of Blue created the wild energy I was going for. I then found a piece of paper from a book, published in the 1860's, painting a Robin's Egg on this paper, and then placing it on what feels like a trajectory to another dimension finished this piece.
The canvas is wrapped with string and ribbon to complete the "Nest Effect".

This painting can be viewed in the Main Hall of my home at Melcher Place.
This is the first in a series of exploratory painting integrating Assemblage, Paint, Paper, Canvas.

Click on the arrow below to view slide-show of the process of this piece being created.

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Suzy said...

Incredible! I do enjoy seeing your painting style... I love your attention to the details. The nest is divine! And your nod to Wasabi - Brilliant - I love Sushi! :-) Visit our blog, I see you are a follower, feel free to comment, we would love to hear from you! xoxo Suzy
Miss you - Hi to Neil!

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