Friday, October 30, 2009

Stratacaster Stack With A Percariously Perched Eagle...

Oh, yes, I finished a commissioned piece. Yippeee. I was asked to incorporate a Stratacaster Guitar and an Eagle. We all have a unique way of filtering directions as well as our own personal vision. Given the subject and my style I created a piece with the desired components but also added an assemblage of a Bridge, Tuner Keys and Electric Guitar strings. This painting was

an adventure and I also found it a challenge. It was fun and I especially like the unexpected moment of the painted strings mounted on the bridge and strung to the tuner keys at the top. Fun and somewhat musical in the visual sense.
Thoughts to ponder... Is the Eagle swooping down to grab and take the Stratcaster or is it trying to balance precariously on the unstable stack? Like the music industry it could go either way! Also incorporated into the piece is a 1945 map of Los Angeles/Hollywood. Rising up between the torn/painted hills of LA and the somewhat painted lyrics of Dylan's "A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall" is the foundation of the Stack of Stratacasters. (Seems a bit shaky considering it rests upon the LA music scene and LA!)
The Eagle is Audubon, Stratacaster Guitars, are Fender.
Thanks Nancy Coleman & Tom Babbit for commissioning this piece.(These folks are the driving force behind the band Funky Stella.)

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