Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little Art Altars...

Joseph Cornell has been my muse all week. I have been thinking, dreaming and designing JOCO boxes. My most recent piece is this "Spirit Box". I have incorporating things that are special and spiritual to me. I have incorporated painted fortunes from Chinese meals shared with friends and family, Chinese fortune sticks, my favorite Buddah holding a heart rock and a time worn heart shaped clamshell I found at the seashore. The scientific moment is the presentation itself and the round canisters housing a shell, compass and of course some eggs (they always sneak into my work). The box itself is covered with handmade paper and topped with 5 egg rocks found on a sojourn with my niece to Campobello Island on the Bay of Fundy many years ago. I like the way this box evokes a sense of mystery, mystical and eastern philosophy and a bit of magic as well.

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