Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eiffel Tower 10x10's

I have a fondness for most anything French. I had so much fun taking this image of my favorite Parisian icon, breaking it apart and making three separate mixed media pieces. I used the paint like watercolors with a Maxfield Parrish end of a magical day color palette. I took a leap and added a 3D element, an antique clock face totally painted and aged which is a departure from my usual pieces. Ahhhh, when I look at these pieces it is reminiscent of a late Autumn day when the light is thin but colorful. These pieces are available at the Green Rice Gallery in the NODA Arts District in Charlotte. If you haven't stopped by yet I also have some of my Birdstacks, Eggs and an Elephant Series hanging there. Christmas is coming, BUY ART!

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