Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Janice Miceck, Creative Spirit, Talented Artist...

Today I am going to write about the creative muse that lives within us all. My friend Janice Micek is an incredibly talented artist. Her specialty of the moment is assemblage art. She lives her life in an artful manner. I went to a workshop in her home and asked if I could come back and photograph her "Arty Still Life's".

I was inspired by her love of nature and her ability to tell a story with objects.
Tables filled with silver from a bygone era, shells and other treasures from the sea, a bowl of pieces and corners of old frames, not to mention the charming natural whimsy that was the underlying foundation to her display work. Janice also had a fair amount of nests and all were displayed in a cozy and nesty fashion.
Oh yes, this is a woman I could and will be very good friends with.

She loves art and the natural world and she understands how to integrate them into pieces that are clearly personal and pure magic. You go girl!
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