Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art Clubs and Groups...

I had so much fun at my sister Sheila's, Art Club. It is a cool trend that is sweeping the nation. Basically it is Artists, and people, mostly women who are interested in socializing and doing some kind of interesting "Art Project" while catching up on news and kids. Friendships are forged and a good time is had by all. Oh and you get to take some sweet artful gem home that you created with your arty pals. No downside there!

The gals who hosted this Arty Afternoon were a delight. These events are usually held in someones home. The interesting thing are the levels of creativity and actual talent vary, however the Art at my Sister's club in Charlotte is mostly different variations on the current craze of "Assembledge".

Joseph Cornell is one of my favorite Assembledge Artists. His work is inspired by nature, mostly. Cool boxes and/or frames with items truly taken from nature. It is a cross between a mad scientist and a naturalist with the creative mind of an artist displaying the many items that surround us in the natural world. I am inspired by his work.

So if you are
in an
Arty Club
in your area, consult Google or your local newspapers for events close to home.

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