Monday, January 28, 2013

Encaustic Heron Paintings...

Heron in the Marsh, 8x10 Encaustic + Oil Pigments

I was going through my portfolio and noticed in the past few years I have created eight Encaustic paintings of Herons. I love to walk on the edge of the sea or on the paths that skirt Marshes and Estuaries, listening and looking for these majestic Shorebirds. In the winter in Florida they really are every where, Herons and Egrets, both very tall and gawky and kind of out of proportion. Herons have a 6 foot wingspan and are quite graceful in flight. They are easy to study because they stand still, always waiting for a fish to come by so they can spear them with their super-sized beaks. You can recognize their call, it sounds like this, krooooonk, if you made that sound deep in your throat.
They will always leave the summer marshes, and head south before the cold and ice set in. If you see a Heron in a winter setting, that Heron has chosen not to go south. They know they have just enjoyed their last summer in the marsh. Herons delight me. They are fun to watch, photograph and to paint.
Heron Caught a Fish, 8x10 Encaustic + Oil Pigments

Heron waiting for a Fish in the Marsh, 8x10 Encaustic + Oil Pigments

Heron in the Marsh, 8x8  Encaustic + Oil Pigments

Heron Wading in the Marsh, 10x22 Encaustic + Oil Pigments

Early Morning Heron 14x14 Encaustic + Oil Pigments

Heron Portrait, Detail, 10x22 Encaustic + Oil Pigments

Heron in the Mangroves, 10x10 Encaustic + Oil Pigments

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