Tuesday, January 10, 2012

kdb-ART Laboratory & Studio

The new kdb-ART "Studio/Laboratory" has been an ongoing project for many months. How exciting to have different areas for Encaustic, Painting & Assemblage. The Studio will be ready for the exploration and creation of Encaustic, Paint and Assemblage Art very soon. YAY.

Note the use of old church doors as the balustrade for the stairwell.

This Birch Tree will provide the perfect place to keep my nests for further study.

The antique windows create a visual wall for the client area, yet allow the light to reach into the north side of the studio.

Mirrors allows the light to bounce around and make the space feel like an Aerie. The studio looks out from the third floor, through the treetops and out to the river in the distance. It feels like an Eagles Aerie.

The client area is located in the sunny south facing area of the studio. Great light and views. A big special thanks to Greg Simard our very creative builder and Neil Shankman, my partner and great supporter of the arts.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your studio is beautiful and the views inspirational I am sure!