Monday, January 17, 2011

KDB-ART Book...

Recently I put together a book rich with images of my art and the narrative that goes along with each piece. I have included works on canvas, encaustic on board, some assemblage and mixed media. This 30 page book represents the show that is now hanging at the Salt Exchange in Portland, Maine. This show will remain up until the end of March.

The online version is available for viewing and if you would like to purchase a copy it is as easy as clicking "Buy Book" when viewing online.
If you do purchase a book, I would be more than happy to sign it for you.
I appreciate your interest. Thanks.
Maine Artist.


Kathy McCullen said...

Your book is beautiful! I'm an Atlanta artist, and I've just recently discovered your blog. It is s joy to visit here and see your lovely and serene work. I rally like your use of color and treatment of natural themes, many of which I also use (in a very different manner) in my mixed media paintings.

KDB said...

Kathy, Thanks for your comment. Your blog is lovely, I saw it a few months ago. I think the Art World is a gentle and mystical place. Keep up the good work!