Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Science & Art...

This mixed media portrait was a fun and interesting project. I have featured the physicality as well as some of the "interior' stuff that makes me tick. I am amused by most things and love the analytical and scientific, the natural and celestial world and of course, quirky and beauty. This incorporates many of those key "me" elements. I am looking through a monocle, haloed by a map of the starry sky, with a radiometer perched above, which when hit by the sunshine whirs about giving the piece instant motion! A paintbrush with dried paint is balanced atop of 2 eggs (Yes they always seem to show up!)
This piece also features a California coastal map, covered in some of my favorite Fibonacci numbers. I used a variety of color mediums, pastels, paint, grease pencil and medium gel. All in all it is fun, interesting and makes me smile. This piece is 16x21.

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