Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4 Paintings in 2 Weeks...

I have been on a painting tear. Two weeks ago I started with a whimsical Green Heron that has a Kingfisher perched upon his head. (I do this for my own entertainment!)
They are both studying the lyrics to "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" while a dragonfly keeps the lyrics aloft. The light is sunny and bright. I smile when I look at this happy piece.
I then went on to do a Bird Eating a Butterfly. I wanted to feel like I was seeing them in the light of a magical forest. When I was finished I started to think about the fact that it really is a Bird Eat Butterfly World out there.

Moving on to the Squirrel's Playing on the forest floor. There are many species, all converging onto a fallen trunk that has landed on the forest floor. Know that you would never see this in the real world, only in my personal magic one. Each grouping has their own dynamic happening. I am not quite done with this Squirrel piece, I will give an update in a week or so.

Then the other night I saw this very graphic and modern image, it emerged quickly in my mind, I sketched it and the next day gathered my components for this mixed assemblage modern piece. The thought behind the image is a Balanced and Level Life. I am delighted to be able to mix it up and do a surprise piece that does not fit my other work style. It is fun, I love making ART!!!

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